My Photos = FLICKR’D

// May 8th, 2008 // Brad's Life, Flickr, Photography

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4 Responses to “My Photos = FLICKR’D”

  1. brian says:

    Man that’s something I really need to do. I think the process will take a little less time for me though. It feels good to get organized like that, no?

  2. Bradjward says:

    First, it feels good to get a comment here. I had to wait for this ‘note’ to get into Facebook, then tag everyone who will find value in it there. Then they all comment there. I wish more people blogged, flickered and twittered. Life would just be cool. Data portability for the win.

    And it feels amazing to be this organized with my photos. Like last night, I was working on a video. I just typed in the keywords for the photos I needed, and BAM, drag to desktop, done. No sorting through folders of 100,000+ photos named DSC_XXXX.jpg anymore. It’s great. AND I can get to them from anywhere. Home, work computers, phone, parent’s house, friend’s house, etc. It’s pretty nice.

    Even better is using the PicLens firefox plugin that I blogged about awhile back. I just use that to show pictures on our TV at home. It’s pretty awesome.

    So did you check out yet?

  3. Howard says:

    gangsta. i think you’re in springfield right now.

  4. Bradjward says:

    If I was I would have called you! ;) I’m in Indy for the weekend. All of Jen’s family is coming here.

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