Unbelievable. RIP Brian.

// October 28th, 2007 // Brad's Life, Sports, UIS

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7 Responses to “Unbelievable. RIP Brian.”

  1. Dan says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, Brad. It’s very sad.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I just saw Brian not even two weeks ago. He was such a really nice guy. I didn’t know him the way you did, but it’s very sad to see him pass. May god be with him.

  3. Eric Hagen says:

    Brad- Thanks so much for your thoughts. My Wife (Jenifer) and I knew Brian very well. During his High School years, I got to know Brian by playing music with him and playing basketball in the park or wherever we could get a pick up game going. I especially enjoyed watching him play as a high school senior and the year Pana went to state in 2001. I always thought he should be the most valuable player on that team. Pana was loaded that year, several stud basketball players (6′6″ Center -Josh Evans, Two very impressive Hot Hands Mr. Sinclair and Mr Shrake, as well as several others). The bench that year was very deep. Pana often played 8 to 10 players and never seemed to run out of steam….what a great team…but still the most valuable player…in my mind was the scrappiest kid you ever saw on the court…Mr. Brian McMillen. Lots of people can play offense…but not many could play defense like this boy. I learned alot about Brian by the way he played the game….and he lived his life the very same way. He played hard and worked hard, and never thought of himself, never searching for glory, but always there to support the team. He gave 120% to everything he was ever involved in. I’m sure when he was headed towards Illioplis Sunday Morning, he was in that same frame of mind… there to help, there to give his all, and there to support others. That’s the story of Brain McMillen.

    I’ll be ever greatful for his life. I’ll be ever greatful that he was the best role model for my kids. I have a family picture on my wall, and Brian stopped by one day to be in that picture…and I’m so thankful he did. When my kids look at that picture they’ll remember what kind of person Brian truly was…and I hope they turn out to be just like him.

    God Bless All

    Eric Hagen

  4. Aaron Beyers says:

    These are very kind and very appropriate words to remember and celebrate the life of Brian McMillen. I too knew him quite well. We went to school together from kindergarten, where we would often fight over who gets to play with the ghostbuster toy car first, all the way through high school where were both very active in basketball as well……and football……and track. He was crazy! and the good kind of crazy! His standout personality and go-getter attitude was an inspiration to several that he grew up with including myself. The energy that often just flowed naturally outta that guy was so often a contagious mindset. Brian was a prodigy…a precedent in how he lived his life and how more people should live theirs like he did. It was great to be able to share so many moments and events with him over the years and progress and learn with him. The state championship game senior year of high school, all the crazy track meets, goin to party at his place in Springfield and sneakin into bars, the list just goes on and on. Eric, you said it well too, he was a tremendous role model for anyone that knew him even if it were for a short period of time.

    I heard the news of Brian’s tragic death when was I was woken up by a phone call from another high school friend just yesterday. Obviously, not the way anyone would want to start the day. I just broke down. Lost it, almost didn’t believe it or thought it was some sick joke. Why did God choose him and why now? I’m sure I’m not the only one asking questions like this about what has happened but nonetheless is human nature to want to know the big question of WHY?

    I’m gradually coming to realize that maybe we dont need to know why. Brian was taken from us to a place greater than anything we could possibly fathum by some power beyond anything known. I’m a strong believer that things happen for a reason. Although horribily tragic, Brian’s life was taken to serve a better purpose, to celebrate some heavenly paradise and look down on us and maybe help to guide us along our way.

    I knew his wife and family well too, and over the years became good friends with all of them. All my thoughts and prayers go out to them during this tragedy. I would like to say however, that although Brian’s passing was sudden and tragic, we all have to remember how great of a person he actually was. We should celebrate the life of Brian by praising his achievements, his family-like qualities, and outstanding personality and attitude and strive to become just like he was. I will always be greatful to say that I knew him and could call him my friend.

    God bless and keep him and his family in your prayers.

    Aaron Beyers

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