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iPod Sports Kit, 1 Month Review

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Now that I’ve been running with the Nike + iPod Sport Kit for a month, I’ll give you all an update on how it’s been going.

Instead of getting the > $100 Nike+ shoes, I opted for the Marware Sport Sensor, which simply velcros on to any existing pair of running shoes. I went ahead and got new shoes since mine were really worn down, but it still was about $50 cheaper than getting the shoes, and the portability of it rocks.

I set the following goals for my first month:

  1. Run 15 times in 4 weeks. (3 times a week)
  2. Run 15 miles in 4 weeks. (A measly 4 miles per week, but I knew March was going to be busy.)
  3. Burn 2500 calories in 4 weeks.
    1. This was originally 900 calories/4 weeks, but then I realized I was burning 2-300 calories each run. It was modified to 2500/4 after about 10 days, so this one is still in progress.

In all, I did pretty well. I finished up my 15 miles in 4 weeks goal a few days early, and have 8 days to burn 928 calories (4 12-minute runs). My average pace over the first 15 miles has been 9:07/mile. Certainly not blazing fast by any means, but consistent.

In my challenge with Matt to run 25 miles in 4 weeks… we’re both behind a little. With 2 days left, I need 10 miles and he needs…. 23. Oh well, we’ve been busy (him more than me, obviously).

I think for this month my goal is going to be a marathon. No, not all at once. 26.2 miles spread over 15 runs of 1.75 mile. It’s actually 26.25, but oh well. That should yield about 4200 burnt calories, or 1.4 lbs lost. Sweet.

Catch me if you can,

Academically, Butler wins the NCAA

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Butler may have lost in the Sweet 16, but academically they smoke the competition. This very interesting look at the Sweet 16 by the Washington Post shows the games played in regards to 6-year graduation rates of the athletes at each school. In this case, Butler (82%) defeats Vanderbilt (67%) by a full 15 percentage points. SIU Salukis also come in at a respectable 67%, but lose to Butler in the first round of the Final Four. Florida also graduates 67%, but loses to Butler also. Oregon? 0%. That’s pretty pathetic. What good is a scholarship for a D1 player if you can’t even get them through college in 6 years?

Here are the percentages of the Final Four teams:

Ohio State: 10%
Florida: 67%
Georgetown: 47%
UCLA: 38%

[See the bracket here]

Oh, Windows…

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Dear Windows XP,

I hate you more every day. Why should I have to lower my standards for your misfortunes?! Oh well…


Creative Suite 3 out next week

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I just saw on this blog that Adobe Creative Suite 3 is out next week. I didn’t realize it was that close to being out. Hopefully those student discounts will come out at the same time, because I’ve heard that it certainly won’t be cheap.

Macbook, 1 week later

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Well, I can honestly say that I have fallen head over heels for my Macbook during these first 7 days.

I ended up ordering a Apple White MacBook 13.3″, 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (1 GB ram, 80 GB Hard Drive, SuperDrive) with a Speck MacBook 13″ See-Thru Hard Case (Clear). Since Amazon had a $75 rebate, I got it for about $150 cheaper than through Apple (no tax + I am an Amazon Prime member, so overnight shipping was only $3.99).

So far it’s been everything I had hoped it would be. I installed Parallels Desktop as well so I can run Windows XP if I wish.  Jen’s first question was “Why the heck would you want to run Windows on a Mac?” Fair enough.   For my BUS522 class we run a program called Lingo for linear programming, and it only runs on Windows or Linux.  Also, I don’t want to re-purchase all my software (Studio 8, Photoshop, etc.)  at this point, so I am just running it in a windows environment.  I was advised by Drew  (who is also a recent Mac convert)to wait until CS3 comes out because it will run better than CS2 currently does.

I’ve also done all the “newbie” stuff, take funny pictures in PhotoBooth, install Smackbook, play with my dock endlessly, set up sweet widgets, install and uninstall software with merely a drag of the mouse because I can, and all that good stuff.

So far, I give my Macbook a 9/10, because there is always room for improvement in life.  There has hardly been a hitch in switching from XP to OS X, and I do enjoy the benefits the way my Mac organizes files, works seamlessly with my iPod and external hard drive,  and is just an all-around sexy piece of machinery.

I’m sure there will be more to come as life continues.  On a funny side note, I was looking for some help on installing a Smackbook-alternative that uses light sensors (which I later found out are on the Macbook Pro, not the Macbook), and I ran across a blog of a guy from Oregon that I met in Philadelphia last October.  He’s got a lot of great stuff in his Technology section.  Check him out at

Until next time!

UIS Wins 104-89!!

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UIS got their first win on the board at the NAIA National Tournament in Kansas City, MO yesterday, beating the Lambuth Eagles 104-89. The 15th ranked Prairie Stars advance to the Sweet 16 to play the Oklahoma City Stars on Friday at 4:30pm.

Tonight we are going to support our fellow AMC conference team, McKendree. I’ve done nothing but cheer against McK for the past 5 years, so it’ll be a new experience.

Enjoy some pics, and Go Stars!

Off to Kansas City!

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I’m heading out to Kansas City for the NAIA National Basketball Tournament. UIS is playing tonight at 10:30pm. If they win, they play again at 4:30pm Friday. Then Saturday, Mon, and Wednesday I believe if they go the whole way. I’ll be coordinating the Blue Crew and doing photography during the game. Last year was a good learning experience, but I’m glad I’ll have my 80-200mm f/2.8 with me this year. You can never get enough light in a gym. :)

On a side note, I just got a Macbook and it’s AWESOME. More to come on that later.

Oh, and I almost gave Kyle a black eye. I’ll write about that later too. It was unreal.

Days out of office in March: 2, 5, 6, 7, 14, 15, 16 (7)

Days in office in March: 1, 8, 9, 12, 13 (5)

This has basically been a great month. I love the weather.

See ya!


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What do Bill Gates and Matt have in common?

They both play with their wedding ring.

This is a habit that I have as well, just no picture evidence. It’s been decreasing as the time goes on and I get more used to this little band of love around my finger. I find myself spinning it until it feels comfortable, just as some people take their hat off and on several times until it ‘feels right’. I saw this picture today through digg and it instantly reminded me of Matt. :)

YES!!!!! Tecmo Bowl on Wii

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The moment I’ve been waiting nearly 4 months for has arrived.  Tecmo Bowl was released on the Virtual Console for the Wii (

Looks like I’ll be spending the night running Bo Jackson around the end for endless touchdowns  celebrating Jen’s 23rd Birthday!!! ;) :)

Florida Vacation in Review

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Well, we’re back from an awesome vacation.  We flew in to Ft. Myers on Friday the 2nd around 2pm, and got to go see where Matt and Heather work and live.   Got to see an old friend, Mixmaster Mike Sheagren, as well, so that was awesome.   It was really cool to get to see what our support and prayer goes towards. :)

After that we headed to our vacation destination, Palm Island.  It’s a small island off the coast of Florida accessible by ferry.    They had just put down new sand the day we got there, so when we went out for a walk that night we would step and sink in the sand up to our knees because it was the first high tide on the sand so it had not packed yet.  It was hilarious!

The rest of the weekend was spent with sand, sun, fun, tennis, kayaking, dolphins, Wii, great food and fellowship, running, and relaxation.   It was an amazing 6 days.    It was so good to get away and relax/recharge/reconnect and not have to think about work or anything else.

Some highlights of the weekend:

  • Running 6 miles and getting a head start on Matt in our Nike+ challenge.   We’re going for 25 miles in 4 weeks.
  • Seeing dolphins twice, an armadillo,  a huge jellyfish, and a few large crabs.
  • Playing lots of tennis with Matt.
  • Showing Matt and Heather the glorious fun that is simply known as ‘Wii’.
  • Pushing the van off the ferry when it broke down. :)
  • Jen ordering a pound of crab legs….. oh dear.
  • Frank.
  • The earlier mentioned quicksand.   (THE SAND IS LAVA!!!).
  • Hanging out with Matt and Heather for 6 days!

As always, there are pictures.  Click on the below image to get to them.  Enjoy!!